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Posted by Steve Coe on 13/10/2017   Email

Hi there, I believe that my great aunty Rose married Mr. Frank Gallimore in 1951. I have been told that Rose was in charge of the sub post office for a while....I would love to hear from any local people who may remember her. I have been told that she had very long grey hair...many thanks, Steve

Posted by Roger Grix on 28/11/2016   Email

I am sorry to inform our neighbours in Fifehead Magdalen of the death of our lovely neighbour, Enid of No. 21 Fifehead hill. I spoke to Nicola, her niece (or her nephew's wife)yesterday and she told me that Enid had passed away peacefully 3 weeks ago. She was a lovely, interesting person who although in her 90's, would drive down from her home in Harrow with her dog, Bobby, and could be seen regularly being taken for a walk by the dog. She will be sadly missed. RIP

Posted by Ann Griffiths on 10/01/2015   Email

My GGrandfather Henry Charles Jarvis born Stour Provost in 1857 was married to Sarah Galpin who was 3 in the 1861 census and living with her parents John and Charlotte Galpin at ?Hayes next to ?Symburghs Farm. Later in life Henry and his wife were employed at Factory Farm. I have an old photo of them standing outside the front door. Do you have any information about when this might have been and in what capacity they were there? I think they were farmers but I don't think they owned the farm. I can't find anything out about them and am wondering if anybody has any stories about them.Many thanks. Ann

Posted by Richard and Jane Oxlade on 10/03/2013

My parents lived in Fifehead Magadelen for a number of years and loved the village atmosphere and community live. We visited them many times over the years and I (Richard) also worked at Clayesmore school for a while and grew to love the area as much as they did. My father wrote the Church historical magazine which I am pleased to see is still for sale in the church. The area is beautiful and it is wonderful to see that the outside world does not change it too much. Thank goodness! The village website is a wonderful idea, congratulations to all those who designed it and keep it up to date. Well done!

Posted by Richard & JaneOxlade on 10/03/2013

We love fifehead Magdalen, my parents lived there for a number of years and my father wrote the Church history (which we are pleased to see is still on sale in the church). They both loved the community and village life before they decided to move back to Lancashire where they spent their final days (back with with my mothers family). The village does not change much - which is reassuring in this day and age. The website is a wonderful idea and congratulations to all those who have designed and keep it up to date. Well done!