Phone Kiosk refurbishment

The Parish concluded the purchase of the telephone kiosk, for the princely sum of £1.00.
Volunteer work has now started on a part-time basis with a view to finish sometime in July.

Before photographs:

23 June: Peeling paint scrapped off ready for sanding....

....but still lots to do on the door and roof.

3rd July: The coats of red oxide primer are now complete..

5th July: Second coat of gloss has been applied, details on the crown have been
highlighted in gold and the base finished in black gloss.

The kiosk is now fitted out with a few shelves on which the weekly BMV is available for collection. 
You are encouraged to borrow, add to or purchase books and magazines. 
Money donations may be placed in the letter box by the plant stall of the Old Post Office.

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