Trill Bridge Incident

Email received 6 Sept 2018

Hi David, 

I’m happy that the bridge is back up and running. This whole incident has been a very stressful time for us and extremely embarrassing. We are a very proud family business that prides itself on being professional and having the best and most highly trained drivers in the industry.As you will have noted the steel we were carrying that day was of an abnormal length of around 18m. This is our specialist area of transport and as such we take every precaution possible.

Drivers are trained among other things in the manoeuvres needed to safely deliver this type of product and especially in route planning. Furthermore this particular delivery has a specified route,A route that does not include driving over Trill bridge I can assure you. The driver at the time had previously been instructed in the correct route and had in-fact successfully delivered to the sameDestination only 2 days before…. For reasons unknown to me, he decided to take complete leave of his senses and attempt a different route and proceed to get lost. He then went even further into the depths of stupidity and blindly followed his SatNav which led to the bridge being hit. 

As for the rumour of him “doing a runner”… I don’t know where that has come from as he was dismissed immediately upon his return to our depot, hopefully never to drive a truck again. 

Please pass on my sincere apologies to your Parish. Hopefully now the bridge has been repaired it will last another few hundred years! 

Kind Regards, 

Rick Bromley  

Managing Director Middlebrook Transport Ltd

Photographs copyright David Redwood